David's Tennis Tip

Over the past few weeks on the court you have heard me talk about angles, angles, angles.When is it the right time to go for an angle shot? When should you decide to keep it deep? Most importantly, what do you change based on that decision? That's not easy.

For me, it's the height of my contact. If the ball is high, I will choose to change my grip to #3 or #4 (as described by the USPTA) and then do the best I can. Once I see that I have a low contact, I switch to a #2 or #1 grip. Use my legs and grind it back. 

For some of you, finding the continental grip isn't easy. That's ok. But your ready position can help you to prepare. Just get the racquet ready. You will be better prepared, and the proper grip comes naturally.

Enjoy your tennis,

David Edgar